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International logistics in turmoil
Donau Carbon
Political unrest in the Gulf of Aden is leading to delivery delays and increased freight costs. This is also having an impact on international trade.
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Donau Chemie Water Technology

Water Technology Kazincbarcika: Hungary strengthens its production base

The water technology plant in Hungary received a new reactor. This is how the replacement went!
Antal Braunecker
Director Donauchem Kft. water technology
Donau Chemie Water Technology

Wastewater treatment simply explained: the 4 purification stages

New measures and findings will require a fourth purification stage for wastewater treatment in many wastewater treatment plants in the future.
DI Alexander Jereb
Development Chemist
Donau Carbon

Gas and air purification: When is coconut activated carbon better than hard coal?

Coconut or coal? We take a look at the advantages of coconut activated carbon.
Ulli Reidelbach
Application Engineer
Donau Chemie Water Technology

Stainz wastewater treatment plant: increased performance thanks to polymer conversion

We were able to reduce costs and improve quality by switching to a polymer wastewater treatment system at the Stainz wastewater treatment plant.
Siegfried Wernig
Sales & Consulting − Carinthia, Styria und Salzburg
Donau Chemie Water Technology

Längenfeld wastewater treatment plant: Wastewater treatment with low acid capacity

In the picturesque Ötztal valley, those responsible for wastewater treatment are facing growing challenges from nature and tourism. Find out how Längenfeld successfully manages environmental impacts and uses innovative solutions for sustainable wastewater treatment.
Siegfried Schertler
Sales & Consulting - T., Vbg., DE South, CH
Donau Chemie Water Technology

Water technology expedition: Donau Chemie on a voyage of discovery at the Piran wastewater treatment plant

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of water technology! Find out more about the Piran wastewater treatment plant in Slovenia and its crucial role for clean water in the Adriatic region.
Alexander Marka
Head of Sales Water Technology Austria