Cooperation with wax manufacturer DEUREX

With DEUREX, Donauchem has gained one of the most important international manufacturers of industrial waxes as a cooperation partner. In a short overview, we will introduce you to the innovative company and show you the diverse application possibilities of the different waxes. 

Perfect cooperation for customers

The cooperation between DEUREX and Donauchem has advantages for both sides: Donauchem expands its portfolio in the field of speciality chemicals with high-quality industrial waxes. DEUREX, in turn, benefits from the strengthened market presence on the Austrian market. In the future we want to intensify our partnership and use the resulting synergies for the benefit of our customers. 

DEUREX AG: Wax specialist and innovative pioneer 

Founded in 1989, the family-owned company is based in Germany and is one of the leading suppliers of special waxes. The raw materials for the production of the industrial waxes come from synthetic and natural qualities. DEUREX stands out above all for its innovative activity and wide range of waxes of different types and delivery forms. 

As the inventor of spray micronisation for waxes, DEUREX made a name for itself worldwide as an innovative pioneer as early as 1997. In 2008, the company introduced another innovation: The large-scale production of natural sugarcane waxes for industrial scales. Sugar cane waxes are probably the most sustainable waxes on the market. In 2014, the development of hybrid waxes followed, which combine the advantages of polyethylene waxes with other wax types.

Since 2010, DEUREX has been continuously building up another business field: Wax-based oil and chemical binders that only absorb pollutants, not water. The patented product range created completely new application possibilities for disaster control as well as for industrial applications. In 2017, DEUREX was awarded the European Inventor Award by the European Patent Office for this innovative development.

Firmensitz der DEUREX AG
Company location - courtesy of DEUREX AG.

The right wax for every industry

DEUREX waxes are all-round products that are used in particular in the following industries and application areas:

  • Bitumen: road construction (binder in asphalt), bitumen sheeting (sealing flat roofs), pipe coatings, buildings, water and landfill construction for sealing.
  • Printing inks: Flexo printing (packaging, food packaging, flexible packaging), offset printing (commercial printing, magazines, newspapers) digital printing (short runs, posters), engraving printing (illustrations, publications, packaging), screen printing (textiles, flexible surfaces).
  • Liquid coatings: anti-corrosion coating; automotive coating; wood, metal, aluminium coating; maritime, functional and industrial coatings.  
  • Powder coatings: Epoxy powder coatings (primer, corrosion protection, only for interior applications), acrylate powder coatings (automotive industry), polyester powder coatings (long-term protection in exterior applications, e.g. facades), polyurethane powder coatings (superdurables, can also be used as anti-graffiti coatings), hybrid powder coatings (mixture of epoxy and polyester resins, wide range of applications).
  • PVC: profiles (e.g. window profiles), piping, flooring, rigid PVC sheets, packaging, plastisol applications, soft PVC applications such as cables and films. 
  • Rubber: production of tyres, balloons, gloves, balls.
  • Cables: underground cables, telecommunication cables, installation cables in households and industrial buildings, submarine cables, electronic devices from televisions to electron microscopes, cable harnesses for the automotive industry, special thin-walled cables in vehicles.
  • Masterbatch (colour granules): viscosity adjustment, lubricant, dispersant, stabiliser, slip agent, anti-blocking agent, release agent.  
  • Hot Melts (hot melt adhesives): Paper industry, hygiene products, shoe industry, packaging industry, wood processing industry, graphic industry, automotive industry, road marking.  

DEUREX waxes are available in different qualities and also in liquid form - from granules and fine granules to powders and finest powders to micronised waxes as well as wax dispersions and wax emulsions. Wax dispersions and wax emulsions are available water-based, oil-based and solvent-based. 

Lieferformen der DEUREX Wachse
Delivery forms of DEUREX waxes - with kind permission of DEUREX AG

Micronised waxes as well as wax dispersions and wax emulsions are mainly used in the fields of printing inks, paints and lacquers. Powders and granulates are also suitable for the plastic processing industry (PVC and masterbatch). Waxes in suitable delivery forms can also be found for rubber and cable applications as well as for hot melts and bitumen.

Natural Waxes - Synthetic Waxes - Hybrid Waxes 

The DEUREX product range includes amide wax, polyethylene wax, polypropylene wax, Fischer-Tropsch wax and sugar cane wax. The range also includes micronised waxes, hybrid waxes, coated waxes as well as wax dispersions and emulsions.

DEUREX Wachse Produktübersicht
Wax family tree - with kind permission of DEUREX AG

Micronised waxes

Finenesses < 10 µm are possible. With the process of air classification (mechanical separation) it is possible to micronise all types of waxes and additives such as PTFE, silica and EDTA. 

Hybrid waxes

Hybrid materials make working processes more efficient and enable the development of innovative products. The combination of natural waxes and synthetic waxes results in novel products with associated advantages. 

Wax dispersions and emulsions

Water-, oil- and solvent-based dispersions and emulsions are based on polyethylene waxes, oxidised polyethylene waxes, PTFE, PTFE coated waxes, polypropylene waxes, silica, Fischer-Tropsch waxes and sugar cane waxes.

Coated waxes

The process of wind sifting makes it possible to coat various waxes with additives as well: Benzoin, diamond dust, EDTA, PTFE and silica are the additives that are coated onto various waxes (cost-saving potential when purchasing additives). Up to four gradations of coating are possible. 

Amide waxes

Different types of amide waxes, such as ethylene-bis-stearamide waxes (EBS waxes), erucamide waxes, oleamide waxes, stearamide waxes or hybrid waxes. One bio-based innovation is a natural ethylene-bis-stearamide wax derived from the sugar cane plant. 

Fischer-Tropsch waxes

The world's hardest waxes come in seven different wax types (solidification point of ~ 50 °C - ~ 105 °C) and different delivery forms, including dispersions and emulsions.

Polyethylene waxes

PE waxes can be used in a variety of ways, e.g. as processing aids or to improve surface properties. In addition to non-polar polyethylene waxes, oxidised, polar polyethylene waxes, HDPE, copolymeric PE vinyl acetate waxes, polyvinyl ether waxes and hybrid waxes are available. 

Polypropylene waxes

These waxes are characterised by a very high dropping point and are available as granules, powder, dispersion or emulsion.

Sugar cane waxes

The sustainable waxes consist of 100 % sugar cane and are therefore pure natural products. In addition to pure sugar cane waxes, sugar cane hybrid waxes and an innovative amide wax derived from sugar cane are also available.


PTFE, benzoin, silica, waxes and all other additives in one product.  
DEUREX Wachse Produktbilder Übersicht
Waxes product family - courtesy of DEUREX AG

We are pleased to offer you with the waxes of DEUREX another special product in the Donauchem portfolio. For further information and if you have any questions about specific applications, please contact us!

Donauchem GmbH

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