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About Graf Chemicals

The company's three divisions - Chemicals, Technology and Service - have combined to form a powerhouse of expertise. Chemistry is the mainstay of the company out of an old family tradition. 
With products for use in the construction chemicals industry, Graf Chemicals has established itself in the chemicals sector. Creative, interdisciplinary work is the prerequisite for quality.

The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2004. All areas, i.e. chemistry, technology and service are integrated into this quality and environmental management.

Quality products - MADE IN GERMANY

As a forward-thinking company, Graf Chemicals is interested in actively shaping the future of construction chemicals. Through a great deal of research work, the development of modern processes and new innovative products is driven forward in order to agree on sustainable and environmentally friendly processes in the construction industry is also part of the development work of this innovative family-owned company.

Donauchem acts as an official cooperation partner of Graf Chemicals on the Austrian as well as on the CEE market and is your competent contact and sales partner. 

Construction chemicals by Graf Chemicals

As a specialist for construction chemical products, Graf Chemicals supports customers in the fields of construction industry, coating, stone impregnation or monument protection with silicone products, hydrophobing agents and impregnations. 

Silicone hydrophobing additives and impregnating agents based on functional, modified silicones help to sustainably reduce the water absorption of facade coatings to a minimum without impairing their open pores and breathability.

In doing so, the hydrophobic agent has the ability to cover the inner pore and capillary walls of the coating almost without gaps and make them water-repellent, but without closing them. As a result, the breathability of the building material is fully preserved and the moisture balance inside the building structure is balanced.

Product overview

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