TRT1000 double unit for container cleaning: effective and water-saving

Donauchem GmbH is now the proud owner of a TRT1000 double unit from Feistmantl Cleaning Systems and thus not only uses less time and water for cleaning IBCs, but can now also prepare containers for reuse more quickly. 

A high-pressure pump is installed in each of the two washing units, which pumps the water into the three-dimensional spray head and thus enables optimum IBC interior cleaning. The water jet reaches every area of the IBC and ensures the best cleaning results.

In addition to the faster cleaning and the resulting time savings, this cleaning system can score with the latest cleaning technology, which effectively reduces water consumption. 

Three different washing programmes enable automatic and time-controlled internal cleaning, while manual high-pressure cleaning can be carried out on the outside.

This interplay of time saving and more effective cleaning not only conserves our resources, but also enables us to implement short-term filling more flexibly, as our containers can be quickly reprocessed and refilled internally. 

Donauchem GmbH

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Pulsix Box 14.02.2023
Great post! I completely agree with the author. See also related articles here