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Silicates and water glasses in the Donauchem portfolio

Donauchem provides an overview of the silicates and water glasses we offer for technical applications.

General information

Water glasses" are glassy, i.e. amorphous, water-soluble sodium, potassium and lithium silicates or their aqueous solutions, which are formed from a melt and subsequently solidify. Depending on whether the predominant part comes from sodium, potassium or lithium silicate, one speaks of sodium water glass, potassium water glass or lithium water glass.

The drying of the aqueous solution of water glass begins with the evaporation of water, whereby water-insoluble silica is gradually formed (silicification). The silicification of water glass is not reversible, silicic acid and water together do not form the respective water glass again.


Donauchem portfolio


 Product name

 Sodium silicate/soda water glass  DonSil Na
 Potassium silicate/potassium water glass  DonSil K
 Lithium silicate/lithium water glass  DonSil Li
 Special silicate/electroinsulating varnish  DonEsil
 Special silicate eco/electrical insulating varnish eco  DonEsil ECO
 Silicate-based additives  DonAdsil
 Foundry binder/silicate-based  DonSil F
 Sodium metasilicate  DonMetasil
 Special silicates  DonSil Nano, DonKonal, etc.

Applications of water glasses and silicates

Water glass, which is used in liquid form in most cases, can be used in various industries and applications:


 Mode of action


 Chemical industry

Production of colloidal silicates
Membrane screens
Silicate source
Hydrophobing in organic syntheses
 DonSil Na
 DonSil K
 DonSil Li
 Paper industry

 Fibre bleaching
 H2O2 stabilisation
 Anorgaic binder
 Carrier material
 Offset printing
 DonSil Na
 DonSil K
 DonSil Li
 DonSil Nano
 Coatings (Paints &  Construction)

 Silicate paints, mineral paints
 Pasty plasters
 Surface treatment
 Additive to improve mechanical and chemical properties
 DonSil Na
 DonSil K
 DonSil Li
 DonSil Nano
 Foundry industry  Foundry resins/foundry binders  DonSil F
 Electronics Industry
 Electrical insulation resins
 DonEsil ECO
 Other applications:
 Detergents/ washing powder
 Ceramic industry
 Glass industry
 Welding electrodes
 Food, Feed, Pharma
 Textile industry
 Oil production
 Water treatment
 Waste treatment
 Galvanic industry
   All types



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Reladted informations/Sources:
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Chemie.de - Water glass


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