Local inspection: for training at the Donauchem production site Pischelsdorf

As a reliable distributor of chemical raw materials and contract manufacturer of blends, Donauchem is an important partner for both customers and suppliers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Due to our long existence on the Austrian market and our experience in the fields of filling, storage and compound preparation of chemical raw materials and products in the technical as well as in the food sector, we are also involved in cooperations and try to provide support in all our fields of activity as far as possible.

Of great importance is the training of future specialists, especially when it comes to raw materials for the food industry. For this reason, an inquiry as to whether we could make our plant in Pischelsdorf available as an example for sample drawing and in-house inspection for the purpose of documentation for training documents in the official sector was immediately answered with "yes".

Much to see at the production site of Donauchem in Lower Austria

The aim of the visit was the documentation of sampling and internal inspection in a warehouse for food additives, for the preparation of lecture documents for future food inspectors. A picture documentation created in the process should show the steps of sampling according to defined criteria. 

To ensure the traceability of the individual control steps, a walk-through of our distribution center in Pischelsdorf near Tulln took place. The tour included all important stations of our plant such as the tanker loading and unloading, the storage tanks, the mixing area, the QA laboratory of Donauchem as well as the areas of container filling, storage for liquids and solids and the goods issue area. 

During the tour, Mr. Groß, Head of Quality Assurance at the Pischelsdorf site, explained to our visitors the exact procedures, processes and control steps in the internal flow of goods - from incoming goods and the raw material controls involved to the filling, production of blends as well as the storage and final dispatch of the products. 

 © Donauchem
Photo 1: Tanker unloading

© Donauchem
Photo 2: Blending area

© Donauchem 
Photo 3: Mixing area control
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Photo 4: Warehouse for liquid products of pharmaceutical and food quality

Donauchem is both a producer and a trader of substances and preparations used as food additives and processing aids as well as for the production of pharmaceuticals. These are substances or additives that are (allowed to be) added to food in further processing, or used by pharmaceutical companies in their manufacturing process.
Based on a HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) specially adapted to the processes of Donauchem and a certification according to ISO 22000 (management systems for food safety), the handling of food and pharmaceutical products on our site is defined and specific specifications for food products at the Pischelsdorf plant are guaranteed. 

Sampling procedure

The product "Citric acid solution LQ" (=food quality) produced in Pischelsdorf was selected in two different concentrations for the official sampling procedure. In addition to the related product specifications, all documents associated with the product were provided to the authority by Donauchem.  

Mr. Rutska, an employee from the QA laboratory, performed the sampling from the IBCs (=Intermediate Bulk Container) by means of a special chemo scoop. These samples will be controlled by the authority in the further course to examine the parameters specific for the product.
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Photo 5: Sampling from a container in storage (IBC)
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Photo 6: After sampling, the IBC is resealed and sealed again.

Why is Donauchem as a distributor monitored by the food control?

The control of food production starts with the raw material.  Since we provide food additives and processing aids for the food industry, we are part of the food chain.


What are the responsibilities of a food inspector?

The food inspector monitors the safety of food, cosmetics and commodities at all stages of production and distribution. This involves checking the manufacturer's own controls and inspecting the hygienic condition of the premises, transport containers, equipment, packaging and the hygiene of personnel in the establishments at regular intervals. Samples from all product groups are taken and examined annually according to a defined sampling plan.

In the background, often unnoticed by citizens, food inspectors check a wide variety of food products and, in many cases, drinking water. This also ensures that the quality of the foodstuffs remains high and that the level playing field between the companies is guaranteed. Moreover, every citizen can turn to the authority in case of a justified suspicion concerning food or drinking water.

30 food inspection bodies and official veterinarians of the Department of Veterinary Affairs and Food Control inspect the entire path of a food product from the producer to the end consumer in Lower Austria. The tasks of food control include the verification of compliance with food law regulations by food businesses at all stages of production, processing and distribution. Thus, the food inspection bodies are present on farms, in supermarkets, in guest houses and at trade fairs. On-site inspections are carried out regularly, samples are taken, suspicious cases and consumer complaints are investigated. It is ensured that deficiencies are corrected and products are also withdrawn from circulation if necessary.

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